Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Larry Sinclair: Obama does drugs, has sex with men, and murders choir directors in his spare time

The other day, an elderly gentleman soberly informed me that Obama will be the next President of the United States. Not because he's the best candidate or even because he's getting the most votes, but because Dick Cheney is going to make sure it happens that way. Why? Well, around Christmas last year the choir director of Obama's church was murdered. This somehow links to Obama. Cheney knows "something about this" situation and will use that information to pull Obama's puppet strings once he gets into office.

Here are the facts behind this theory:

- A Chicago/Duluth man named Larry Sinclair came forward this year, claiming that in November '99 he did drugs and had sex with Barack Obama (see his YouTube video below).

- On December 23, 2007, 47-year-old elementary school teacher and Trinity United Church choir director Donald Young was found dead from a shotgun wound in his Chicago apartment. His death was ruled a homicide. Conspiracy theorists, haters of Reverend Wright, the Westboro Baptist types, and some Hillary supporters are having a field day with this. Even Trinity United hinted that Young's openly gay lifestyle led to his demise; "that was his choice".

- Not content with coke-&-sex stories, Sinclair tacked on the allegation that Donald Young had contacted him shortly before his death to discuss - on Obama's behalf - how they would cover up their homosexual activities. Sinclair has made it known that he believes Obama is behind the choir director's murder (see video of Sinclair's interview with a Puerto Rican TV show below).

- Rather than being dismissed as the seemingly groundless smear campaigner he is, the press has given some face time to Larry Sinclair. Yesterday, he held a long press conference at the National Press Club. Mind you, he was arrested on outstanding warrants immediately after it concluded...

The here are some problems with Sinclair's claim:

- Though he has promised to cough up some corrororating evidence, Sinclair has to date produced no evidence.
- Sinclair has a long rap sheet. This doesn't destroy his credibility, but it does have to be taken into consideration when weighing it.
- There is no evidence that Obama even knew Donald Young on an interpersonal level, much less had sex with him.
- Chicago police don't have any solid suspects in Young's murder.
- Sinclair failed two polygraph examinations that the porn site challenged him to take, according to a story that has been pulled.
- Who actually cares about Obama's private life?

Larry Sinclair's "revelations" are an eerie echo of the startling cocaine accusations levelled at George W. Bush by J.H. Hatfield, an ex-con who famously convinced Sander Hicks and many others that Karl Rove had told him all about a scrubbed cocaine arrest. By combining credible information (Dubya used cocaine) with utter b.s. (Karl Rove called Hatfield late at night to whisper true confessions to him), he got himself two book deals and a hell of a lot of attention, culminating in the 2001 documentary Horns and Halos. Then he slipped back into a life of crime and committed suicide when he was caught.
Since his information was second-hand, at least we can say that Hatfield might have been fed disinfo designed to discredit all accusations of drug use by Dubya. No one can say the same of Larry Sinclair. He's either lying, or he's not.


Wandering Coyote said...

Some people have way too much fracking time on their hands.

SME said...

Heh heh...I'm one of them. Who's stupider, the compulsive-liars-or-scamsters who make up this crazy shite, or me who bothers to give any of it the time of day?

Anonymous said...

I'm more concerned with the Puerto Rican puppet anchor. Just what goes on down there...?!

SME said...

I find the puppet more interesting than Bill O'Reilly. And slightly more intelligent, too.

Anonymous said...

"Hatfield might have been fed disinfo designed to discredit all accusations of drug use by Dubya."

Just like Karl Rove fed doctored memos to Dan Rather of CBS (See BS) that were used to discredit the (true) story of W. going AWOL from the Air National Guard.

Bad conspiracy theories are beloved by conspirators.

Anonymous said...

SME: The Presidents sex life is important- he has to deal with several countries where homosexuality is illegal and/or scorned and ridiculed. If an intelligence agency for one of these countries could determine that our President was secretly engaging in gay trysts, the opportunity for blackmail would be high.

Larry Sinclair does have a checkered past, but if he is lying, he gave himself two- not just one-opportunity to be exposed as a liar : the Obama camp could have produced his scheduele for the two timeframes in question, and if there was no overlap between the where abouts of the parties in question, them Obama would be cleared, as long as the documents weren't seriously questioned.

If Sinclair is lying, to reduce the chance of being caught in the lie, he might have chosen just one day for one meeting with Obama. I doubt Sinclair would have had access Obama's planner before he made the accusation. Sinclair went out on a very unecessary limb with the two day charge when one day would have been much safer and would have sufficed, for a lie.

Also, Sinclair says he described the presidents private part, and sent his description to Michelle Obama. If he were lying, he ought to have missed the mark, so to speak, and then Michelle would know that he was lying. Then why is Michelle currently reportedly furious with Sinclair, in a way that she wasn't before the description was mailed?
It is highly unlikely that Sinclair could have just 'guessed' with any degree of accuracy, yet he has since become an even more despised and feared White House enemy.

Adding the bit about Bush and cocaine, etc., was just distracting away from the case at hand, and did not help weigh Mr. Sinclairs claims.

SME said...

Ah yes, I forgot that Americans actually do care about their presidents' sex lives. In Canada, our prime ministers could have orgies with men dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and we wouldn't even notice so long as he/she was still doing the job properly.

I can't find any reputable sources that say Michelle Obama has responded in any way to Sinclair's accusations. That seems to come from anonymous sources who allegedly spoke to tabloids. But if you know of any more reliable sources of info, by all means let me know.

I think the Hatfield incident serves as a cautionary tale. Hatfield, despite his checkered past, was smart, credible, and earnest. He was far more credible than Sinclair. Yet his info turned out to be either his own fabrication or disinfo.

I wish there was some way for the public to be educated on how to distinguish real whistleblowers from fake ones, because this is a serious recurring problem. The biggest tipoff in this particular case would probably be that Sinclair went to the media and began broadcasting his story right off the bat, rather than approaching the proper authorities first. Of course he couldn't do that, because the authorities were already looking for him.

Anonymous said...

I never said that Americans care about their leaders sex lives, whether they do or do not. Foreign governments might- you know this. They might us certain pieces of sexual knowledge, to use as leverage. This sort of thing might not involve American citizens at all. The main thing i'm referring to here is Middle Eastern politics. The explosive potential is there...settlements and weapons, etc. could be quietly wrangled out of this...

Did the animosity between the WH and Sinclair die down after the sent letter, or did it increase? You tell me.

I dont endorse Sinclair as a whistle blower, as I find his claims, reputation, etc., to be suspect. My earlier comment ought not to to have been perceived that way. I was asking...

S.M. Elliott said...

I haven't found any evidence of any animosity between Sinclair and the Obamas, so I wouldn't know if it increased or decreased.

Your opinion on the importance of the prez's sex life is your own, Anon. The only thing I find interesting about this is that some are insisting Obama's a closet Muslim, while Sinclair and a few others are insisting he's a closet homosexual. To be credible, the conspiranoia world will either have to pick one, or reconcile the two. But then credibility has never been high on the list of priorities.